The Brooklyn Nets start playoffs with a blowout loss

The Brooklyn Nets start playoffs with a blowout loss

The Brooklyn Nets managed to shock the 76ers in the playoffs in 2019, by taking game one in Philly. Not so this time around. The Sixers were in control for the entire game, never trailing and winning the game by 20. Where the first post-trade deadline meeting between the now 3 and 6 seed was competitive, this game was not. After today, Philadelphia might already be thinking about Boston, whereas Brooklyn should be fearing getting swept in the first round of the playoffs for the second season in a row.

The Brooklyn Nets start playoffs with a blowout loss
The 76ers outhustled the Nets in game 1

Fear the Beard

The Nets’ strategy was clear from the get-go. They double-teamed Embiid anytime he came close to touching the basketball. This resulted in the NBA’s leading scorer only taking 7 shots in the first half. Unfortunately for Brooklyn, Philly had no problem finding open shooters. James Harden was a scorching 5 for 7 from behind the arc and the Sixers hit an amazing 13 3s in the first half. Anytime the Nets came close, Philly answered. The only reason the game was reasonably close at halftime, was Mikal Bridges. He shot 10 for 16 in the first half, scoring 23 points.

If at first you don’t succeed…

It wasn’t just a former Net who killed coach Vaughn’s team. The Nets have been one of the worst rebounding teams in the association for years. This game was no different. Philly had 24-second chance points whereas Brooklyn was in the single digits in this category. Philly had only 8 turnovers to Brooklyn’s 19. And Philly also took 19 more shots than Brooklyn. At times the Nets looked lethargic, continuously getting beat on the boards, even when it was 3 against one. Philadelphia is the best 3-point shooting team in the league. If you keep giving them second chances, they are going to capitalize. And they did.

Game 2

The Nets were 56% from the field and 45% from three. Which is great. The Sixers boasted percentages of 47 from the field and a scorching 49 from three. The Sixers probably aren’t going to make 21 three-pointers again and the Nets are not going to shoot that high a percentage in game 2. The question is, is Brooklyn going to make the right adjustments. After a scorching first half, Bridges only had 5 shots and 7 points in the second half. That can’t happen. The turnovers can’t happen at that rate. 7 missed alley-oops can’t happen. The Philly bench cannot go off like that again. All Jacque Vaughn has proven thus far is that he can keep a starless roster just under .500. Game 2 will show if he can actually make this matchup against the Sixers a series.

The Nets lost the game 101 – 121